Kamis, 06 April 2017

Hangul Chapter 2

Let me tell you something.

Do not learn other language if you don't like it. It's like a ticking bomb. It will blow your brain at anytime. I repeat, anytime.

It's a total disaster. I tried for 3 months to learn it. What I remember now only kamsahamnida = thank you. Hopefully I write it right. Hahahhahaha.


I won’t asked you a thing GOD

This afternoon I watch an Arabic song, called HEARTBEAT which is composed and donated to UNICEF by Zade Dirani, UNICEF Regional Ambassador for the Middle East and North Africa. I wouldn’t have known what is she trying to say if there no translation on the video.

The song is performed by a 10 year old difable Syrian girl and other 20-30 children as the backing vocal. According to the tags on youtube, these children are all internally displaced and participate in UNICEF psychosocial support programmes. Their message in this video is only a simple request to get their childhood back.

They asked for a simple thing and I asked a lot, like really a lot. Saying that I won’t asked anything to God is exaggerating. I will decrease it. Baby step.

Check it out the song though. Please don't cry.

By Galuh

Selasa, 27 September 2016

Lift Chit Chat

Hearing chit chat inside lift is quite interesting, especially when your office floor is 30 – 40ish. You can get full story and most update from office gossip, movie spoiler, to not-knowledgeable conversation.

So, this lunch I hear two mates talking about their Boss, which part of not-knowledgeable conversation:
A : Mr. Bla is going to lunch with Mr. X
B : Ahhh, Mr. X? The Indian guy
A : Yes, he is very nice
B : All Indian is Hindu’s right
A : Maybe
B : I think they are going to lunch at some vegetarian restaurant
A : I don't know. Why you are so sure they went there?
B : Because all Hindu’s are vegetarian
A : #silent

I really wanna laugh. Hard. Especially when I saw her “LOOK”. Gosh, wasted.

The point are:  

  1. Indian religious belief are mostly Hindu. Not all.
  2. One who embraces Hindu as their religion usually not eat cow. A person who don’t eat cow, doesn’t mean they are a vegetarian.

I am ready for another lift story telling.


Jumat, 16 September 2016

Sate Kambingku sayang

Perayaan Idul Adha sudah lewat beberapa hari yang lalu. Namun masih menyisakan kenangan yang dalam di lubuk hati. Ngeces sate kambing dan tongseng kambing. 2 menu kesukaan yang sampai sekarang masih belum menemukan tempat paling joss untuk makan 2 menu tersebut di Jakarta.

Hayo siapa yang ngga doyan kambing? Rugi banget ngga doyan kambing. Tapi kalau yang ngga makan karena kesehatan, ya sudahlah ya, gimana lagi.

Karena saking ngecesnya, saya dan kawan pun pergi ke sate kambing depan RSPP, JakSel. Yang saya tahu enak ya situ aja. Udah langganan lama lah disitu walaupun saya bisa bilang jarang makan kesitu juga. Bisa dihitung lah. Mungkin hanya 2x dalam satu tahun. 

Pas banget pulak habis hujan jadi kan sepi pengunjung, agak cepatlah makanan disajikan. Makan 1 tusuk lumayan, lama lama berasa ngga enaknya. Kawan saya pun berpikir demikian. Rasanya berbeda sekali dengan yang terakhir kami makan disitu. Jadi akhirnya kami memutuskan untuk tidak jajan disitu lagi. Mari kita cari info tempat makan sate kambing dan tongseng yang dahsyat. Anyone?


Rabu, 14 September 2016

Learning Hangul

photo credit by keytokorean.com

I started to learn hangul, the Korean alphabet, known in South Korea as Hangul. North Korean call it Chosǒn’gǔl. The alphabet itself has 19 consonant and 21 vowel letters. It was created by King Sejong the Great in 1443. The publication date of the document, titled the Hunmin Jeong-eum, was on October 9, 1446. And this date, October 9, known as Hangul Day has become annual celebration in South Korea.   

For beginner like me, it is very hard to differentiate the pronunciation. All sound the same. Well, it’s not only me actually, the teacher even cant elaborate why it sound the same. I just have to practise more. Meh.

Got home work to do. Cayo.